agol is a Energy Focused Asset Management Company, its principal strategy is to plan for the development of new projects and their related assets, in all areas within the energy sector, covering: production, development, supply, storage, transport and marketing. 

With a team of specialists focusing on financial planning and risk management, who are constantly working closely with industry leaders in the field of finance and insurance to structure projects on a limited recourse basis. Our Group is assisted in this process by expert professionals and partners from the energy sector and the financial industry in order to secure investment in traditional and new energy alternatives.


agol forms strategic joint ventures and partnerships with strategically placed companies.  These partnerships and joint ventures when combined with our teams’ creativity produce a capability which is much greater than their individual elements.

It’s the use of these strategic alliances that help create the right environment, and when linked together with the right project planning and financial modelling, fashion a project that stands out from the rest.