....About us

agol is a different type of Energy Company and one which is looking to better harmonise with our planets needs and our future energy requirements. We are our Groups holding company, with a team that specialises in project and financial planning on projects that are to be undertaken by our Group. These projects are normally planned to be undertaken on a limited recourse basis. Our team works together with our specialist partners to provide the Group with the necessary resources needed to secure investment in traditional and new energy sectors alike.

agol has a clear vision for the protection of the environment, whilst at the same time delivering the energy that is needed today and for the future. Our vision has been instilled within our group of companies and our operating companies have been given the responsibility on behalf of the Group to undertake the development of specialist projects, promoting projects in the field of refining, distribution, storage, transportation and production.

We are committed to upholding the highest principles of utmost integrity in corporate governance. We also believe that the protection of the environment is an important aspect of today business for any company. For this reason agol insists that all the companies in its group adhere to the same principals and high standards of environmental protection and to conduct business with respect and responsibility as good corporate citizens.

It is the duty of all governments and companies alike, and ultimately the citizens of the world to ensure that we all play our part in protecting the world in which we live. agol, is committed to playing its part, by providing “Excellence in innovation with conservation” through thoughtful investment in energy related assets.